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    Keep Learning

    Tools to help you keep learning while staying safe and connected

    At S&T, your academic career is our top priority. The S&T community is working hard to make sure you stay connected. Check here often as we will be publishing new information and resources to help you keep learning.


    Take the Miner Pledge

    Take the Miner Pledge to protect yourself, your campus and your community during the COVID-19 pandemic. http://coronavirus.mst.edu/miner-pledge/


    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has rescinded a rule issued on July 6 to prohibit international students from returning to or remaining in the U.S. this fall if the universities they attend adopt online-only instruction models. Read more

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    Missouri S&T’s RAVE Guardian application now has a direct link to the university’s COVID-19 site, coronavirus.mst.edu, within the content icon of the app. Download the app at alert.mst.edu/rave-guardian.

    Face coverings required on campus

    Missouri S&T’s I-12 policy on required face coverings is posted online. All S&T students, staff, faculty and visitors are required to adhere to this policy to reduce the spread of infectious disease. Read Policy

    ID office open by appointment

    The Miner Card ID office is open by appointment only. Please contact the office at 573-341-4051.

    COVID-19: CARES Act aid now available for eligible S&T students

    Missouri S&T students who are eligible for financial assistance through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) may apply for this aid through S&T’s student financial assistance (SFA) office.

    Fall Classes to Begin Aug. 24

    Missouri S&T’s fall semester will begin Monday, Aug. 24, with new practices in place to minimize the potential impact of COVID-19. Read More

    Watch Video — Virtual Celebration of Graduates

    If you were unable to attend the virtual celebration of graduates earlier this month, you can watch the video and access additional resources on the Registrar's site.

    Return to Campus Guidelines

    For information and guidelines on returning to campus, including repopulation plan, employee checklists and visitors to campus guidelines, please visit Windows操作系统教程-系统之家下载网 - 系统之家 ...:2021-6-15 · 本站发布的系统与软件仅为个人学习测试使用,请在下载后24小时内删除,不得用于任何商业用途,否则后果自负,请支持购买微软正版软件! 如侵犯到您的权益,请及时通知我们,我们会及时处理,对系统之家有任何投诉或建议,请与管理员联系.

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    To ensure S&T maintains the quality of its programs and addresses new opportunities, the Academic Planning Committee is working on a strategic plan for academic programs. The committee will propose changes to S&T’s academic programs, academic calendar and instructional modalities to increase enrollment in degree and certification programs, with special attention to access and timeliness of degree and certificate completion. The plan will be submitted to Provost Stephen Roberts by Friday, May 22.

    Opening Research Laboratories on Campus

    As part of the reopening of the campus, one of the first steps is a gradual phase in of research laboratories. Since March 23, essential research laboratories (Type A and B) have remained operational with restricted access. On April 27, additional labs (Type C1) will be considered for access with another planned phase in (Type C2) on May 11.

    Read the Memo | Essential Lab Activity Form

    Update on Summer Classes

    The regularly scheduled summer sessions (eight and four week courses) will be offered in the current online format and will not be held on campus. S&T is planning to offer a late-summer session from July 20 – August 24, with in-person courses, if conditions allow the return to campus. This session will also have options for online or hybrid courses. For more information, http://econnection.mst.edu/2020/04/covid-19-update-on-summer-classes/

    Faculty Senate Approves Grading System Changes

    Missouri S&T’s Faculty Senate approved a motion by the Academic Freedom and Standards Committee to change the grading system for the Spring 2020 semester, effective immediately. w加速任天行安卓版 or view presentation slides

    Virtual Town Hall Meetings

    S&T Chancellor Mo Dehaghani will be holding regularly scheduled virtual town hall meetings in the months ahead. This is a great way stay connected to the S&T campus community and hear the latest news.

    All video recordings and questions can be found at http://chancellor.mst.edu/townhallmeetings/

    Missouri S&T Building Access Changes

    For security reasons, the campus has made changes to building access on campus. A valid university ID will be required to enter buildings that are locked. w加速任天行安卓版

    If you have lost your S&T ID, or it doesn’t work, contact the Miner ID office at pro@mst.edu, 800-266-9035, online at http://pro.mst.edu/minercard/

    Help and Support

    • IT Help and Support: w加速任天行安卓版
    • Faculty Remote Support: Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence
    • General Questions: Global Learning
    • UM System: Keep Learning

    Coronavirus Information

    Stay informed with the latest info on international travel, health and safety tips and updates about COVID-19. w加速任天行安卓版.

    RAVE Guardian now has a direct link to the university’s COVID-19 site within the content icon of the app. Download the app at alert.mst.edu/rave-guardian.

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